"Sonic Music-The Prisoner" is my signature solo project.

It was digitally recorded taking advantage of modern technology, yet each track was carefully recorded "live", essentially using the computer as it were a giant tape deck. I played all instruments with the exception of one guitar solo, and sang lead and background vocals. All songs were engineered, produced, and mastered in my studio. The Prisoner won JPF's 2009 "Progressive CD of the Year".

I recorded two albums with artist John A. Wilcox. From left to right respectively: "One" can be described as positive instrumental rhythmic electronic prog-rock, where as Apricot Necktie's "The Promise" is a tasty slice of late 60's style pop rock with a pinch of psychedelia. Take the Beatles, the Zombies, the Doors, the Cyrkle, the Byrds, the Hollies, add a bit of humor, some fine playing, and shake - don't stir!