Sonic Music is the alter ego of composer/artist/producer/piano tuner Larry Benigno.

Former keyboardist of the progressive rock/canturbury influenced band "Radio Piece III". Toured with 50's and 60's artists "The Angels" (My Boyfriend's Back) and "The Coasters".

"Sonic Music-The Prisoner" was awarded the 2009 "Best Progressive CD of the Year" (JPF), and was named Keyboard Magazine's "Unsigned Artist of the Month".

I have top-notch audio mastering tools that have been used with success for many years. My training and working as a professional piano tuner has given me a great sense of frequency recognition, which is critical in the mastering of audio content.

I have a full catalog of music for film/TV in many styles that are suitable for music libraries. I combine new technology mixed with classic analog to get a distinctive sound.

I have been a professional piano tuner for over 35 years serving school systems, churches, music studios, recording artists, and many private customers.