Welcome to the Sonic Music Tidbits page! Below you will find some videos and a recent spotlight review from Recording Magazine. I will be updating this page from time to time with new tunes, vids, or any information regarding Sonic Music, so please check back with me from time to time!


Recording Magazine Spotlight


Connecticut- A fifth of fourths


Return of the Sonic


The Frog


The Seahorse


Never Forget


Lost at Sea


Under the Influence of Pisces


Wintertime Suite 21


The Drum Circle


Call Me Kelly






Closer Than We've Ever Been Before


The Battle of Marathon


Keyboard Shredder




Jardin du Luxembourg


Ant Farm (Wilcox / Benigno)


Roast Beef (Wilcox / Benigno aka The Phrench Dipz)


Dandelion Girl (Wilcox / Benigno aka Apricot Necktie)


Destruction! (Wilcox / Benigno aka Apricot Necktie)